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If you are thinking of going electric for your next vehicle, here are 10 great reasons why now is a good time to go for it!

  1. Electric vehicles are good for the environment. Petrol and diesel vehicles produce carbon emissions which are the primary source of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.
  2. Petrol and diesel vehicles pump exhaust fumes containing dangerous chemicals into the air we breathe. These chemicals can damage our lungs and our health. Electric vehicles don’t produce emissions so switching will have a positive impact on the air quality in our towns and cities.
  3. Electric vehicles are very fuel efficient. It is estimated that the running costs are between 2-3p per mile in an electric car compared to 12-15p per mile for a petrol or diesel car
  4. There is no vehicle tax on zero emission cars costing less than £40,000 (new)
  5. Interest free EV loans are available from the Scottish Government to help fund the cost of a new electric vehicle. Loans of up to £35,000 are available for new pure electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles and up to £10,000 for electric motorcycles or scooters.
  6. Grants from OLEV and Energy Saving Trust Scotland (£500 from OLEV and up to £300 from EST) are available to support the cost of installing an EV home charging point
  7. The network of public charging points has grown across Scotland. ChargePlace Scotland network has over 1000 charging bays across Scotland and most are free to use (after an initial £20 sign up cost).
  8. Some local authorities e.g. Dundee City Council, are providing free parking for electric vehicles as an incentive to switch to this technology.
  9. It costs between £3 and £3 to fully charge your car at home (Energy Saving Trust)
  10. Electric cars are becoming much more mainstream, with the number of models to choose from steadily increasing e.g. Nissan Leaf, BMWi3, Renault Zoe

If you can see the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle we can help you with the installation of a Smart EV Home Charger. Aberdeen Electricians is part of one of Scotland’s largest SMART Electric Vehicle Installer (EVi) networks. We offer a full installation service and maintenance packages. We can also explain the funding options that are available. Get in touch to find out more.

10 Great Reasons to Switch to an Electric Car Now
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