EV Home Chargers Aberdeen

EV Home Chargers Aberdeen

Electric vehicles are becoming part of our daily lives, and this is set to increase over the next few years.  If you are thinking about investing in an electric car in the near future, this may be a good time to make the leap. This is because there are currently a number of government grants which can cover up to 75% of the cost of an electric car charger home installation. Aberdeen Electricians Ltd offer a full installation service for EV Home Chargers as well as tailored maintenance packages.

EV Home Chargers Installation Grants Aberdeen

The following grants are available for the installation of EV Home Chargers. They are available for most electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a grant that provides a 75% contribution towards the total cost of installation at home (up to a maximum of £350)

*** Changes to EVHS rules from April 2022 ***

From April 2022 EVHS will no longer be available to homeowners who live in properties such as bungalows, detached, semi-detached or terraced housing. For these types of properties, the last date for installation of an EV charge point under EVHS will be 31st March 2022.

EVHS will remain open for homeowners who live in flats and people in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties).

£250 grant available for residents in Scotland (with an additional £100 for those living in remote areas).

EV Home Charger Aberdeen

EV Home Charger Products

At Aberdeen Electricians we install a range of domestic EV Home Chargers and workplace EV chargers from SWARCO/eVolt, Rolec, Project EV and Pod Point. We are part of one of Scotland’s largest SMART Electric Vehicle Installer (EVi) network. The SMART EVi Network is run by EV Innovation who have partnered with some of the most trusted EV charging manufacturers in the UK.

Aberdeen Electricians can offer customers a full EV charger installation service, including groundworks and electrical protection.

EV Home Chargers Logos Aberdeen

SMART EV Home Chargers

At Aberdeen Electricians we only install SMART EV Home Chargers and associated high quality hardware to assure that our installations meet new regulations in advance of them coming into force in 2020. In addition, we also offer tailored maintenance packages for the life of each EV Home Charger with a replacement Charger being installed after an agreed period of time. Get in touch today about service agreements, and how they will benefit you and your installation.

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