NICEIC Regulated Aberdeen Electricians

Aberdeen Electricians are fully qualified to 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. We are also registered NICEIC approved electricians. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that currently electricians in Scotland are not professionally regulated. Anyone can call themself an electrician and carry out electrical work.

What are NICEIC and SELECT?

NICEIC and SELECT are trade associations that qualified electricians, like ourselves, can register with. These associations offer accreditation to electricians and electrical contractors. To become NICEIC accredited we had to pass rigorous assessments covering such things as safe working practices, electrical knowledge, documentation and equipment. It makes sense that if you choose an electrician who is registered with one of these trade associations, it is much more likely they will do a good job. Unfortunately registering with a trade association is still voluntary. In addition, a YouGov survey in 2017 found that 87% of homeowners had never heard of NICEIC and 88% had never heard of SELECT.

Clearly this puts many people at risk of employing a completely unqualified and incompetent tradesperson to carry out electrical work.  In fact, SELECT recently carried out a poll in Scotland that found that 93% of householders would expect someone claiming to be an electrician to be properly qualified but 89% did not know how to check this.

More worrying, recent fire statistics estimated that annually, there could be 400+ accidental fires ( involving ~ 1000 people) caused by faulty electrical supply and lighting. These accidents are estimated to result in up to 4 fatalities and 100 injuries a year. While it is not clear how many of these cases are due to older installations and wear and tear, it is very likely that many will be due to poor quality electrical work.

As NICEIC approved electricians, we believe that it is very important that you feel confident when you employ an electrician. You should not have to worry about the safety of your installation. We think that introducing professional regulations would be a good way of preventing incompetent electricians and rogue traders from operating. This, in turn, would help reduce the number of unnecessary electrical faults, fires injuries and fatalities in Scotland.

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Are Electricians in Scotland Regulated?
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