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Aberdeen Electricians Ltd is a NICEIC approved electrical contractor and when searching for an electrician in Google you may sometimes notice that some other companies also say that they are NICEIC approved. Most people are probably unsure what this means, but in fact it can be a very good way of quickly selecting a contractor that is competent and fully compliant with all the latest electrical building regulations and installation standards.

NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for electrical contractors. Its purpose is to assess the electrical competence of electricians and award approval to those companies who meet their exacting standards. NICEIC assessors rigorously test contractors in all areas including their knowledge, work, equipment, documentation, premises and supervisory staff. Even once registered an NICEIC approved contractor must sign up for reassessment on a regular basis.

How will using a NICEIC approved contractor benefit me?

  1. Electricity is dangerous and it is essential that anyone working on the electrics in your home knows what they are doing. By choosing an NICEIC approved contractor like Aberdeen Electricians Ltd you have the reassurance that they will have been thoroughly assessed and have been certified competent. You will also know that they are up to date on all the current electrical regulations and standards.
  2. If you are unhappy with the work carried out by an NICEIC approved contractor and NICEIC are in agreement that it does not meet the correct standards, NICEIC promise to help put it right. They call this their ‘Platinum Promise’ and it covers all remedial electrical work as long as the contractor was registered with NICEIC at the time the work was being undertaken and as long as the work has been completed within the last 6 years.

How can I check an electrician is NICEIC approved?

An increasing number of electrical contractors are falsely claiming to be NICEIC approved. They are misleadingly using the NICEIC logo on their website and on their vans. To avoid being deceived, it is best to go on to the NICEIC website and use the search facility to confirm membership there.

Aberdeen Electricians Ltd are NICEIC approved electrical contractors, providing electrical services for homes and businesses in the Aberdeen area. For affordable, professional electrical services please get in touch or give us a call on 01224 900077


What is a NICEIC Approved Electrician

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