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 LED Lighting Aberdeen

Over the last few years, LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting industry due to its incredible energy efficiency and cost savings.
At Aberdeen Electricians we specialise in designing and installing LED lighting for both commercial and domestic customers.
As well as looking stunning, LED lighting is greener, safer and can save you money.

LED Lighting

  • The most energy efficient lighting on the market
  • Can save you up to 90% on your energy bills
  • Greener – is better for the environment
  • Safer – LEDs have low heat output so are less likely to start a fire
  • Reduced maintenance costs – LEDs have a lifespan of about 20 years
  • Available in a whole range of colours

Energy efficient LED lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting is ideal for businesses. On average UK businesses spend up to 35% of their total electricity costs on lighting. By changing to LED lighting huge savings can be made. In fact, on average, the savings generated within 2-3 years cover the initial investment costs.

LED Lighting Installation
Office LED Lighting in Aberdeen
Led Lights installed in meeting room

LED Downlights

  • A 4w LED downlight can replace a 40w halogen downlight
  • They use 10% of the power used by a halogen downlight
  • In a small office with 40 downlights, replacing with LEDS could save you around £800 a year
  • Safer - LEDs have low heat output so are less likely to start a fire
  • Will have paid for themselves in 2 years

LED Panels

  • Last for 8 years
  • Can save you £1000 a year based on a small office with 15 lights
  • Will have paid for themselves in 2-3 years

However not only do LED lights save you money but they look great too. We can install a range of stunning LED lighting to enhance your business e.g. in a retail environment LED lighting to entice customers inside or showcase your products, or office LED lighting to create a bright, friendly working environment.


Domestic LED Lighting

LED lighting can be used throughout your home too, to add focus or mood to certain areas of your home, whilst saving you money at the same time. LED downlights can be fitted in the kitchen ceiling, as well as under and inside cabinets and even on the floor. LED lights can also be installed in the bathroom, living room, stairs, bedroom etc. As they are cool to the touch, unlike halogen lights, they can even be fitted next to delicate surfaces without the risk of heat damage or fire.

Exterior LED lighting is also a great way to illuminate the outside of your property. It can be used to enhance the beauty of your home and garden as well as acting as a potential deterrent to burglars.


If you are considering installing LED lighting in your home or business premises and would like some help, please get in touch with us for some further information or to arrange a free quote.

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