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1. Saves Money – Energy Efficient

It is important that businesses reduce their energy emissions as much as possible. Recycling, good insulation and energy efficient boilers are standard practices for most businesses now.  However another good way of reducing energy emissions and saving money is to change to LED lighting. After an initial installation cost the energy savings can be as much as 80%. Over time this will have a big impact on a business’s electricity bill. It is worth getting in touch with a good local electrician who will be able to offer advice and ideas on the different types of LED lighting that are available and the length of time it will take to recoup the initial installation costs.


2. Long Lasting

Changing bulbs is no-one’s favourite job, but when bulbs are in high, hard to reach places or in places of high footfall it can be both inconvenient and costly for business to spend time on this task. This is where LED lighting really comes into its own. The average lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, compare that to the average lifespan of a 50W halogen bulb of between 1000-2000 hours and you can see there really is no comparison. In addition LED lights do not suddenly fail, there is usually a decreasing of light intensity over a long period of time which gives businesses plenty of advanced warning that they will need replaced.


3. Safer

Halogen and incandescent bulbs create light by passing an electric current through a filament of tungsten metal until it is white hot. Anyone who has changed this kind of bulb after it has just failed will know how hot they can get. This is not just wasteful of energy, it is also hazardous and has the potential to cause burns to people and materials as well as start fires.  LED lighting on the other hand is ‘green’ lighting as almost all of the energy it uses is converted to light. This makes LED bulbs cold to the touch and therefore much safer if left on unattended overnight in offices or shops.


4. Can operate in Cool Conditions

Unlike fluorescent lighting which doesn’t operate well in cold temperatures, LED lighting’s performance actually improves. This makes it ideal for outdoor lighting such as signage lighting, car parking areas, perimeter lighting as well as in cold warehouses and storage areas.


5. Switches on Instantly

We all have had the experience of low energy bulbs that give out a dull glow after being switched on and take ages to light up properly. LED lights are the exact opposite of this and reach maximum light output immediately. This is useful for storage areas in shops and warehouses as it reduces delays and frustration of staff waiting for the lighting to ‘warm up’ in order to see properly.


6. Dimmable

LEDs are semi-conductor devices which make dimming smooth and seamless. This gives much greater control over lighting intensity in different areas of an office or shop etc.


7. Creates Better Mood Lighting

The key to good lighting is making sure that it works on a practical level while at the same time improves the feel of the room aesthetically e.g. office staff need good lighting to see what is written on paperwork but overhead fluorescent strip lighting can often make a room feel cold and unfriendly.  As mentioned above, LEDs can be dimmed which means light intensity can be easily controlled. LEDs can also distribute light in a single direction and come in a huge variety of different colours. This combination can produce a fantastic range of lighting effects which can be uniquely tailored to suit the mood of any shop, restaurant, office, or factory.


8. Eco Friendly

LED lighting contains no toxic materials and is 100% recyclable which makes it ideal for businesses wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. Conventional fluorescent lighting in contrast contains very hazardous materials such as mercury and has to be disposed of in a controlled way.


If you would like to find out more about LED Lighting for your business, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch or call us on 01224 900077

8 Reasons LED Lighting Benefits Businesses

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