electric car charging points installation Aberdeen

Workplace Electric Car Charging Points Installation Aberdeen

By 2032 the Scottish government aims to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, with some major manufacturers already halting the development of new petrol & diesel models by 2020. The increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road means that there will be a need for more public and workplace charging points.  Aberdeen Electricians Ltd is an EVi network approved installer of home EV Chargers and workplace electric car charging points installation in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.


Workplace Charging Scheme Grants

To help with the cost of electric car charging points installation the following grants are available for businesses.

  • OLEV - Workplace Charging Scheme

Grants of £350 per charging point are available. Businesses can apply for a grant for up to 40 charging points (capped at £14,000)

  • Energy Saving Trust

Grants are available from the EST (Energy Saving Trust Scotland) to encourage businesses to install electric car charging points on their premises.

Funding is available for charge points for the sole use of occupiers, staff and visitors. The Energy Saving Trust will make a decision on the appropriate level of infrastructure to fund by assessing requests against the information provided within application forms.


How to Qualify for Funding for Electric Car Charging Point Installation

To qualify for a grant an organisation must fulfil the following criteria

  1. You have electric vehicles or are looking to purchase electric vehicles in the future
  2. Staff at your company have electric vehicles
  3. You have a large car park of more than 50 spaces

electric car charging points installation Aberdeen

Workplace Charging Point Products

SWARCO produce a very comprehensive range of charging solutions and first-class technical support. SWARCO’s range of eVolt chargers are one of the most common chargers installed across Scotland, in public and workplace areas, due to their recognised exemplary build quality and back office support. We install a range of products from SWARCO and eVolt and provide vehicle charging solutions to suit all needs.

electric car charging points installation Aberdeen

SMART Vehicle Chargers for Public or Workplace Use

By 2020 all vehicle chargers installed for public or workplace use and which are funded, either in part or in whole by a Workplace Charging Scheme, will be required to have SMART functionality. They will also need to operate on a SMART capable back-office, which will be required to be controllable by Network Aggregators or other bodies.

At Aberdeen Electricians we only install SMART EV Chargers and associated high quality hardware to assure that our installations meet these new regulations in advance of them coming into force.


Electric Car Charging Points Installation

At Aberdeen Electricians Ltd we can offer a full installation service including groundworks, electrical protection and suitable road markings. From EV home chargers to 50KW Rapid Chargers for Public areas we can offer quality products to suit all needs and help you through the funding process to provide a stress-free experience. We are part of one of Scotland’s largest Smart Electric Vehicle charging installer network. The SMART EVi Network is run by EV Innovation who have partnered with SWARCO, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging solutions.

We also offer tailored maintenance packages for the life of each charger with a replacement charger being installed after an agreed period of time. Get in touch today to find out more about our service agreements, and how they will benefit you and your installation.


FREE Professional Consultation

If you are interested please get in touch with Aberdeen Electricians to discuss how best to access and use Workplace Charging Scheme and EST grants to create the EV Charging solution that best suits your needs. We can even offer a free survey where we come on site with a SMART EVi and/or SWARCO representative to discuss your needs and the funding options available to you.



We had an EV charger installed this year for our company pool car.  Aberdeen Electricians assisted us through the process of applying for a business grant to assist with costs and we were successfully awarded this. The installation of the charger went without issue, communication was great from initial quotation visit through to installation. Work carried out on site was professional and adherent to our Contractor Procedures. We are very happy with the assistance we received through the process and the professional service throughout the installation.

Bilfinger Salamis (Nov 2020)

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